Monday Inspiration {17}


Happy Monday, my friends! Another week is upon us, and with it, a new personal goal of mine. (I believe in goals!)

I realized recently that I’ve developed the awful habit of being late or just-on-time to things. Granted, freshman year, I was the one who was 30 minutes early to her first class. But, I can’t stand being tardy, and my morning habits definitely impact my schedule. This week, I’ve vowed to reexamine my mornings to see what I can change to make them more relaxing and timely. I’m thinking that this will involve outfit-planning, and avoiding the snooze button, but I shall report further…


In the meanwhile, how about some pretty things to read and look at?

1. This T-Shirt to Tank DIY post via crafterhours. I can’t stand t-shirts, so I’m excited to try this with a few of mine! I’m gonna make them look very classy. 🙂

2. Lemon Raspberry Bars from Two Peas & their Pod. I’m always a super big fan of their recipes, but these look positively delectable. Plus, any recipe that uses raspberry, and I’m pretty much there.

3. Literally, Darling. I’m in love with this lifestyle blog/mag, and am very impressed with the content overall. I love finding new things to read (especially if said thing is not research material…)

4. 1 Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug via The Comfort of Cooking. I literally just made this, and oh my goodness is it amazing. I may or may not have had the salt, vanilla or brown sugar (I had white), but it turned out well anyways. I may or may not have added more chocolate than called for. See here on my instagram.

5. Reusable Gold Drink Stirrers via Sugar and Cloth. I’ve watched Ashley grow for a while now, and I just love her DIY and recipes. She’s worth a follow.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration {17}

  1. oh my goodness, Amanda, I love how you approach your audience through words. I honestly think I’m going to make those Lemon Raspberry bars…mmm so so good. Those gold drink stirrers look so awesome! Seriously going to follow Ashley’s stuff, so fun!

  2. Yes! I’ve had to work at not being tardy as well. Some things that really helped me were picking my outfit the night before and laying it out (so I can grab it quickly), making sure that my room isn’t cluttered (I hate waking up to a mess, it makes me want to just go back to bed), and using the Pandora radio app as my alarm clock (I hate the *beep, meep* alarm clock tones). 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. i need to try that cookie in a mug! as you might know, i love brownie in a mug and cant wait to try cookie in a mug!
    thank you for sharing this, Megan!

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