April Instagram Collection

Instagram April

first row: 1. summer reading. 2. home for Easter. 3. strangers at Starbucks.
second row: 4. Killer ESP. 5. Mother’s day/recital flowers. 6. the farm at sunset.
third row: 7. exam-taking. 8. the Potomac at sunset. 9. final papers.
fourth row: 10. Easter flowers. 11. tea for a 10-3am work shift. 12. springtime at Marymount.

I’ve never been a huge Instagrammer, but lately, I’ve been a bit addicted to it. This is partially because I’m now following a lot of fashion and lifestyle bloggers on there, and I love seeing their photos. I personally posted a bit more over the past month and a half, and I’ve picked a few of my favorites for this post. April (and a bit of May) spanned several conferences, Easter and finals, hence the amount of coffee/tea posts. It’s kind of fun to go back and think about how much has happened in the last five or so weeks. But seriously – how is it already the middle of May? That’s just crazy.

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