Monday Inspiration {16}

Happy Monday, my friends! I’m excited about today for several reasons, one of them being that this is the first day I haven’t had class/school/homework/finals since January. I finished my finals on Friday, and am now at home for a week to recover from the semester and spend some quality time with my family (and my cat).

See? How could I not want to spend time with her?

It’s been ages since I’ve done an inspiration post, so my browser’s bookmarks are a bit backlogged. So, here are a few nerdy/artsy things to brighten up your Monday.

1. Of Hobbits and Angels via Bedlam MagazineThis makes my nerdy Tolkien geek come out, which is a good thing. Also, Bedlam is an amazing publication, so you might want to keep an eye on them. 

2. A Couple of Anonymous Students Sneak Into a Classroom Every Week… via The Meta PictureThe artwork that these students create with dollar-store chalk is phenomenal. Plus, anonymous artists (I’m looking at YOU, Banksy) are really the new celebrity-artist figures these days. 

3. Raspberry Chia Jam via A House in the HillsAnything that’s made with raspberries is probably going to end up on this post series at some point, but I love the combination of raspberries and chia here. Bonus: Sarah’s photography is gorgeous. 

4. Sherlock Unisex Tank Top by Alpha-Tone via Society 6I probably haven’t posted that much about my Sherlock addiction, but trust me, everyone who knows me in real life knows (or should know) about it. And the design/quote on this tank top makes me happy.

5. Crossrail Reveals Best Finds Made While Tunneling Under London via International Business TimesDo you want to see pictures of ancient skulls and bowling balls? Of course you do. Also, snarky chamberpots are the best, so you should check out this photo essay/article. 

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