Goals – 20 before 20 Update

newcamera1-12 One of the things I did this year was to create a 20 before 20 list at the beginning of the new year. Now that the semester is almost over, and I really need to I don’t need to find things to do to procrastinate on finals, I thought I’d post an update on it.

What is a 20 before 20 list? It’s basically a list of goals, or bucket list items that you want to complete before you turn a certain age. A few years ago, I did an 18 before 18 list, and failed miserably, so I wanted to try again this year. Especially since this fall, I’ll turn the big 2-0, and the number sounds really epic when you say 20 before 20. Yes, I totally do things because their names sound cool.

Please don’t take me somewhere where the drinks have creative or fancy names, or else I (or you) might have a problem.

Anyways – moving on from that.

2013-08-26_0007 1. Head to Politics & Prose in DC (still haven’t gone!)
2. Explore a city I’ve never been to. Happening later this month!
3. Find an internship. Done – so excited to start!
4. Touch up on/learn another language. I took a French class this semester, and loved it/was so bad at it that I’m taking another one next semester. I don’t think I’ll ever be fluent, but hey, it’s fun, and I enjoy taking classes with amazing professors, so there. 
5. Break my nonfiction trend and experiment with creative fiction Took a creative writing class this semester, and loved it so much that I’m doing a creative writing special topics tutorial next semester. See a trend here?
6. Go to _____________.
7. Publish something. My Spain travel narrative was published in my school’s nonfiction journal.
8. Post more often on this blog. In progress, but I’ve tried to be somewhat weekly over the past month or so. 
9. Read & watch a performance of a Shakespeare play I haven’t read.
10. Do something incredibly spontaneous.
11. Meet another online friend in person.
12. Explore a few local hiking spots in DC.
13. Shoot a fashion portrait session.
14. Roadtrip somewhere with friends. Later this month! 🙂
15. Do something brave.
16. Go internet-free for a weekend (or two).
17. Visit the rest of the Smithsonian museums
18. Write more letters.
19. Binge-watch Sherlock or Elementary for a weekend. Obsessively. This is on the books for the summer. Totally. 
20. Take an unnecessary class for fun. I took a class in Atlantic World Slavery this semester that wasn’t required, but was really interesting, and about as fun/sobering as learning about slavery can get. 

So, I’ve finished 5/20. 4/20 are planned or in progress. For almost one-half of the year, I think that’s pretty successful, don’t you?


If this post inspires you to create a similar list, send me the link via the comments! I’d love to check it out!

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