Six Years of Blogging


This blog’s anniversary snuck up on me – I woke up this morning and remembered that hey, I’ve been blogging for six years as of this week. And we’ve come a long way.
I think I first started blogging in 2008 under a pen name. The blog was created to keep track of my creative writing projects, but as more and more lifestyle posts snuck their way into the schedule (hello, awkward cat posts), I started to rethink the purpose of my blog. So, sometime that year, Farmgirl Writes was born. I still have, I think, my first header. (Actually, I have a screenshot AND my first header. Even better, right?)



I don’t believe in totally discounting one’s beginnings, so I won’t say that it’s totally awful, but in actuality… yeah. Let’s not go there.
Gradually though, I grew through many different blog designs, and many different concepts of what I wanted to blog about.


I won’t say that my blog is a finished work, because our works are a reflection of their authors, and I’m constantly evolving. However, I am proud of how far I’ve come in the past six years, and thrilled to death to still be blogging.


This does of course, lead me to another announcement – over the weekend, I finished rebranding and redesigning the blog. The space should have a more polished feel, and should, I hope, load a bit quicker. Since this is a lifestyle blog that focuses on a number of different topics, my goal was for it to have a low-key, elegant lifestyle magazine feel to it. I think this does, indeed come close.

Thanks for reading – I can’t wait to spend another six years with all of you!

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