School and Back Again

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, since the last time you heard from me was in the midst of finals. Thankfully, they’ve been finished for over a week, I have decent grades, and now that I’m home, I can eat, sleep, read and repeat. I’m so thrilled to start posting again on this little blog of mine. (I have exciting news for you, but it will have to wait until later.) Now that I’m home on break, I’m going to attempt to return to a blogging schedule, so expect to hear from me more often.


One of my projects from this past week was to organize my bookshelves. Let’s face it – I’ve worked in a library since high school, and I am never at peace in my room unless my shelves are reordered. This, among other things, is a huge OCD issue for me, so coming home and realizing 1. the state of my shelves and 2. the amount of books I’d brought from college that would have to fit on those shelves forced me to totally reorganize. (I brought a suitcase+ full of books home from college. Only about 10 of those are library books.)

The above picture shows the shelves that are devoted to my family’s children’s books collection. During the last few years, the books have gradually migrated to my shelves because of space issues. The below picture shows (some) of the books that make up my personal collection. The large group of Agatha Christie’s novels on the bottom shelf may or may not be some of my favorite high school reads…


I still have five semesters in school though, so needless to say, I have requested more bookshelves for Christmas.

Have a lovely holiday, friends!

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