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I was skyping my best friend last night – she had called while I was reading an English assignment at some insane evening hour and we proceeded to spend the next hour and a half laughing and acting like we weren’t actually grown ups. You can do that with your best friend, you know. She said that she missed seeing my posts. I said that I’d post “something pretty” for her to wake up to.

True to college student form, she’s probably already awake by the time I’m posting this. The snow pictures are from last winter’s rare snowfall, and it doesn’t do justice to what is falling outside my window right now. It’s beautiful out, dear readers. Campus is covered in a blanket of white, and Marymount’s brick buildings make parts of it look like the scene is copied from a Thomas Kinkade painting. I can’t see the Main House well from this angle, but I’m sure it is breathtaking. I’m watching everyone walk along the sidewalk, or where there was a sidewalk, because everything has a way of being perfectly non distinct in the falling snow. Only a few students are wearing sweats and clunky boots – between the cute hats and fashionable coats, it’s not hard to tell that we’re Β a very fashion-focused campus.

The first thing I wanted to do this morning was to brew a cup of tea, just like I was instructed to do via skype last night. Somehow, snow outside seems to make the inside seem extra cozy, which made me recall a few pictures from Christmas. Cozy then was defined by good food and making card houses with my sisters – the kind of cozy that I’d love to emulate in this dorm room, but the concrete block walls and mediocre food makes that somewhat impossible. But that’s why we photograph, no? To capture those memories, to make them live again in places where they may be impossibly perfect or picturesque or blunt or even… impossible.

To my best friend – something pretty, for you. ❀

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