Musings of Seventeen

I’m sitting on my bed, wearing a white skirt, staring into the computer screen. I should be working my sociology readings, but I’m extraordinarily lazy and would rather not. (Oh to have a photographic memory…)

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” is playing in my head and in my earbuds. (That song is addicting.)

I’m not sure why I’m sitting down to write this, except that today is my last day being 17 and I want to document that. I also am probably sitting here because we procrastinators tend to procrastinate by doing something else we’ve procrastinated on instead of the thing we should be doing. No but really, I wanted to write a few things about my journey in college thus far. I’m going to use my 18 to 18 list that I wrote this past winter as a guide. You can find that here.

1// I’m enrolled in college. 2// Thankfully, I am a high school graduate. 4.// yes, I loved shooting those photos5// No, but I will be this spring. (Any guesses from those who aren’t my friends on Facebook?) 6// Yes! I met my dear friend Liz in person this past spring/summer. 7// Dude, I literally live in DC now. It’s amazing. 8// I wish, but I think I was close. I know that I read a lot! 15// Yes, unless you count that B that I have in one class right now? (ouch)

Six things done, two things have come close. The rest I’m leaving up to the future.

I’ve been at school for more than half a semester now, and I’ve experienced so much. The list above seemed monumental to me when I created it about ten months ago. But in reality, I’ve done things I wouldn’t have dreamed up to put on that list. I think that’s better than making a list, yes?

Chinatown and the Federal Triangle in DC by streetlight.

Free tickets to see Florence and the Machine in September with Lilly. Oh goodness. So amazing. I literally have no words.

Glorious sunshine and beautiful fall days in the city.

Being able to really appreciate going home. It’s magical.

Bonfires over fall break.

Gorgeous and incredible friends.

Lighting sparklers off in the rain during Fall Break.

My sweet best friend, who sent me this package for my birthday. (Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve already opened it. I have no patience.)

There are things I have no pictures of. Like whenever I walk into my hometown library, and seeing my former coworkers (and the word coworkers doesn’t really do it justice… maybe just friends?) and being able to spend time getting reacquainted with my books there. Like late-night Apples to Apples games with my family, and pretending to fight with my sisters. (Hannah and I are pros at this. We fool Mom and Dad all the time.)

Like my amazing new friends at my new church, and the joy I feel as I step into the door. Like deep conversations with my sweet roommate as we lie awake attempting to block out the music from down the hall. Like my new job at the school library, and the transition to being a busy student. Like stepping off the bus on a Friday afternoon and seeing my dad, waiting for me. Like the smile I feel spreading across my heart every time I think about going home for the weekend.

Like seeing my work published in the student newspaper. Like walking out of class feeling as if I’ve truly learned something. Like waving at a visiting high school student as I walk to class. Like listening to blaring gospel music every Tuesday night on the shuttle. Like getting that email, saying I was approved for study abroad this spring. Like registering for my courses and thinking about the things I’ll learn next semester.

These things, I have no pictures of. But they are things that I’ll remember as the rest of this year goes speeding by.

Also, congratulations on getting this far. I know my ramblings are rather incoherent right now. In case you were curious, I’m going to Spain over spring break next semester. For school. For intensive study. I’m so excited.

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