Gully Climbing

It was rainy and dark out. The only word to accurately describe it would be “dank”. I had the inspiration, but no sunshine. Throwing my photography caution into the wind, I packed up the camera and tripod and went outdoors.

I knew where I was going. I just wasn’t sure if my photography equipment would make the climb, and what I’d find there.

To complicate matters, I was in such high spirits that I turned my camera onto the RAW setting. (The one I swore I’d never shoot in again, remember. Never say never. No JB references intended.)

It was beautiful. Like a prehistoric forest, untouched by human hands. A hawk flew out of a nearby tree as I noisily stumbled down the steep hillside. (My camera + tripod even made it down in a whole state.)

Here is what I found that day.

(Thank you for your prayers, friends. Things are okay, thank goodness. Also, I tweaked a few things on the blog this week.)

Have a lovely Saturday (because it’s now past midnight, and must be Saturday already. Already?)


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