Raspberry/Wineberry Oat Crumble Bars

Whenever I think of wineberries, I think of taking my sweet friend Cara back to the creek in the height of summer and filling containers with little red berries. Similar to a raspberry, but smaller and with a decidedly more cloying flavor, wineberries are the perfect summer berry.

Unfortunately, like raspberries, they have a short harvesting window, and only keep so long in the fridge. We’ll often make jam out of them and store it through the winter, only to pull it out on special occasions. One of these special occasions was my lovely mother’s birthday on Monday. She (who is the goddess of cooking, seriously), made a perfect give-me-six-more-pieces kind of cheesecake, and we opened a pint of wineberry jam for on top.

Two days after that, I found the rest of the wineberry jam in the refrigerator. I also had a half a pint of fresh raspberries from the grocery and Elissa’s recipe for Raspberry Oat Crumble Bars weighing heavily on my mind.

Consequently, there is no more wineberry jam in the fridge. It’s currently sitting in crumble form on a cooling rack across from me. And oh-my-goodness is it yummy.



(I lied – I said I was on break, but I think that inspiration and lovely ingredients overcame me and made me blog. Be happy.)

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