Monday Inspiration (6)

1:: Music Inspiration. This is my theme song, people. You should check it out. (I’m a big Natasha Bedingfield fan, in case you all couldn’t guess.) I’m pretty sure the best way to start out a Monday post is by listening to my theme song while I type, which is what I’m currently doing.

2:: Interior Design Inspiration. This loft from Sugar and Cloth? Love it! (link) I love reading Emmas DesignBlogg – I always find loads of inspiration there. Check out this post. (link)

3:: On the Blog This Week. I have this confession to make. But here’s the thing. I can’t make it until tomorrow. Actually, I have two confessions this week. One of them is that I switched from shooting in JPG to shooting in RAW. The other one, as I said, will come tomorrow. Also, I have a few posts from last week that I didn’t get to, so there’s loads of great stuff coming this week. (And another set of presets in B&W.)

4:: Food Inspiration. Multigrain Apple Crisps from Smitten Kitchen. (link) Pear Tarts from Oh Joy Cooks. (link) Soft Pretzels from Kyla Roma. (link)

5:: Blog Inspiration. Loving this post on Bella Vita. Gorgeous, no? (link) Also, ma madre is having this awesome giveaway on her blog. You should check it out. (link)

The earrings giveaway on Farmgirl Writes ends on Thursday. Follow this link to enter.


5 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration (6)

  1. Glad that you back to RAW shooting. It's definitely worth it. I can't imagine how much photos I could broke by shooting them in JPG πŸ˜‰

    1. I will probably do both – I'm still experimenting with the editing process for RAW, so it might be a while before I produce presets specifically for that file type. xx

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