In Honor of Spring (giveaway)

Good moooorrrnnniinngggg!!

No, I haven’t had coffee this morning. Why do you ask?

Guess what? I’m wearing a t-shirt. I know – this weather is crazy. But I’ll take it, ya know? So, because this is such a lovely day, and because you are probably waiting for me to stop talking about random things, let me tell you about this little giveaway.

First of all, yes, it is a lousy giveaway title. Secondly, I’m giving away this fabulous (if I do say so myself) pair of earrings. Because, unless you don’t like jewelry (sorry, gentlemen), jewelry giveaways are the best.

Quick run-through of the random stuff. Anyone can enter (none of that 18+ or US only nonsense). This giveaway ends on Thursday, March 15th. Winner will be picked at random.

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19 thoughts on “In Honor of Spring (giveaway)

  1. Yey πŸ™‚ I'm so excited you're hosting another giveaway Amanda! πŸ˜€ This week, I'm excited for being productive in regards to school work (lame, I know). I'm excited for the nice weather we're having (though today only). And, I'm excited to see friends soon. And for some relaxation, after said hopefully productivity today and tomorrow.

  2. Lovely earrings πŸ™‚ I'm excited because my 1 week cat sitting job begins Saturday! This is super because I want a cat so badly.. πŸ™‚

  3. This week I am excited because I am about to hit my goal for completed assignments in all my AP Classes. I am also excited because my mom is going to order all of my AP review books so I can study with ease (if there is such a thing). The real reason I am excited though is that yesterday my family put away all our winter clothes and pulled out my spring dresses. So I am going to be enjoying the sun and nice cool breeze. Those earrings are amazing by the way it reminds of my home in Florida when we used to go down to the beach every summer. You could always find the most beautiful shells and I would always weave them into my hair and clothes πŸ™‚ and best of all this weekend I have a brand new book series to read along with some delcious baked goods I made and a nice big cup of cuban coffee. Thanks for the shot at these amazing earings!

    -Traveling Teen

  4. I'm excited about all four of the lovelies coming home at the same time this week! Yay for me! I'm also excited that they will be gone when I win these adorable earrings so they can't take them away. LOL

  5. Our weather is going to be spring-like! Sunny and in the 60's Hooray! I'm thinking horse bath – well, at least tails and manes! Woohoo! Hooray Spring!

  6. Starting tomorrow, we are supposed to have temperatures in the 60s and high 50s. For the entire week. That should help dry out the horses front paddock. We have practically had a no snow winter and have been getting our boots stuck in mud. Time to be outside.

  7. We are planning a trip t our cottage this weekend if the weather holds. we are hoping to open it up and get it ready for spring.

  8. I'm working on building my jewelry collection back up after a robbery. These earrings are wonderful and would add to the new collection! Thanks for hosting this!

  9. I'm excited to find this great giveaway (and blog). I'm also excited that it's March Break and half my staff are on vacation, so I should gets lots of work done πŸ™‚

  10. Aw, what fun! How sweet of you Amanda. (:
    I'm excited about attending my first teen Rotary club meeting tomorrow at lunch!

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