Two things

I shall be telling you about two things.
My blogging has been reduced now to weekends. How has this come about? Let me explain.
I had two weeks off this Christmas, and I planned to blog often, and take loads of pictures. Incidentally, my co-worker was on vacation, so I was taking extra days. This is how that week went.
Monday: Cleans room
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Reads in the morning and works in the afternoon
Friday: Reads and has Christmas with Aunt and Uncle
Saturday: Works and reads
Sunday. Church and reads

I’m addicted to reading again. I’ve found the Mary Russell series by Laurie R. King. I’ve always been a big fan of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, but this series is just amazing, ya’ll. My dad walked into my room earlier and made the observation that I had “confiscated all the Mary Russell books from the library”, based on the pile of books on my shelf.
That is why I barely blogging last week.

This week, I enrolled in three new courses (two half-credit and one full credit) as a result of a failed attempt to enroll in the community college. (I hate paperwork, don’t you?) I’m actually happy things turned out this way. Here are a couple of reasons why.
1. I save on gas money
2. I can make my own schedule (though that goes the other way too)
3. I am able to take Digital Video Production. So stinkin’ excited to work on that course.

Adding these three courses on to two preexisting courses will mean that quite a bit of my time will be devoted to studies. This is why you might see me more on the weekends than during the week.

In the meantime, I have a lovely announcement. I found out that we’ll be headed down to Disneyworld in a few weeks! I’m thrilled to death. Like the true camera-fanatic I am, my first thought was that I’d be able to take lots of pictures. I’m so transparent, sometimes…


Shabby Apple is having a 20% off sale on almost anything on their site. Awesome, right? If I had some spare money, I would be purchasing something. However, I am broke, and therefore that is irrelevant. Anyhow…

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Have a lovely rest of your week, friends! 

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