rainy nights


There’s something about cold, rainy nights that require a serious fix. Last night, that fix came in the form of homemade hot chocolate*, popcorn, and Green Acres/Andy Griffith. My littlest sister was the only one in the house with me, and it was the opportune time to spend precious moments reconnecting with her.
I’m finally starting to realize that these moments won’t be around forever. She’s growing up. I’m preparing for college. Why do I continually take her, and all my sisters, for granted?
As I type this, the rain is pattering on my windowsill. The tree outside shakes with the ferocious wind that sprung up overnight. It’s truly acting like November now. I’m ready for work – just have to grab some breakfast before I leave. It’s not a morning I wish to go outside in, hence why I’m putting it off just a tad.
Tomorrow, I’ll be touring one college. Monday morning, I’ll leave for four days to visit another. I promise I’ll take pictures – it’s supposed to be beautiful there. You may or may not see anything happening on this blog over that time, depending on whether I take my computer with me or not.
Until then, my friends, adieu.

*half a cup of cocoa powder to 3/4 cup of sugar ratio. I used vanilla sugar for extra deliciousness…

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