Letters From War

Do you know what this amazingness is? 
I don’t think you could, since I didn’t tell you all that I’m working on a transcription project with a college. Yes – I get to decipher and type up Civil War-era letters. 
Dude. Isn’t that amazing? Then again, I’m one of those nerdy history buffs. Trust me. 
(Says the girl who took AP European History. Because she thought it would be fun.)
I’ve been really busy with my library job, as well as classes. However, I’ve managed to take up… erm, or rather, become addicted to a new form of artwork. Making it.
I’ll show you in a few weeks – that way I don’t have to cringe when I post about it with my lousy work.
Hey, I’m still in that learning curve. 
Now that I’ve made my weekly appearance…
Have a lovely week, friends!

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