You Can Find Me

..on an airplane… or in the…

Okay, okay. I won’t go off in wild tangents with annoying songs. I promise.

As you all know, I do most of my blogging here. However, you’ll find me writing for some other venues as well, and I wanted to share them with you.

Stage of Life

On the 14th of every month, you’ll find my editorial piece in the high school stage of Stage of Life. I’ve been writing for SOL for about seven months now – honestly, I love this website. The contests are neat, the content is diverse, and it has loads of tips (and deals) for students.

The Escapism Project

This group blog actually started today. You can find me posting every Sunday, and possibly throwing up a book review every once in a while. Not meaning to be a rabid self-promotionalist or anything, but you should go check it out. Actually, I am a rabid self-promotionalist…

So go read.


That’s it for tonight, darlings. Don’t say it too loudly, but this is the third time I’ve posted this week.

I’m proud of me.

And yes, I have an ego, thankyouverymuch. *wink*

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