and this is why I love spammers

I feel the incessant need to share this with you all. Most of you probably know that I use the IntenseDebate comment system, which does a fantastic job with spam-control.
However, it saves the spam so I can read it later. πŸ™‚

Apparently, this “link-spreading” person/bot is trying to increase their search engine visibility. And because I’ve deleted all of his/it’s comments, he/it keeps coming back. I’m thrilled to death, actually.
Do you know why?
Because… I’ll eventually be able to read all of Gulliver’s Travels! Yup, this thing is randomly pasting paragraphs from Defoe’s work in with it’s comments.

My reaction: “Ooo, let’s see… imperialism… PIRATES!!! ❀ ❀ <3…. ships… the Queen's navy…. OH MY GOSH… I MUST READ THIS BOOK! *promptly goes and googles excerpt*”

Speaking of PIRATES…

Nope, not obsessed at all…

I also wanted to tell you all about this awesome giveaway my gorgeous friend Elizabeth is having. Did I mention that she’s super talented? And that her blog is awesome? She’s celebrating 100 posts, so go over and give her lots of love!

One last thing. I THINK the questions I posted for Whiz Kid on Sunday… erm, baffled most of you. Out of the few that did answer, only Liz aced them. (And she’s disqualified since she’s taking the same class and test I am. :D) So, I’ll just keep that gift code in my pocket and do another Whiz Kid soon… on a topic that is a little tiny bit easier. πŸ™‚

This will be my last post for ya’ll before taking the test tomorrow. Oh, and heads up, I’ve got an awesome post lined up for tomorrow. From the newest Farmgirl Writes contributer… I know you all will love her. πŸ™‚

One thought on “and this is why I love spammers

  1. Lol, that is too funny! I just got my first 'spam' comment, which complimented my amazing style and said 'I'll follow you if you follow me'… it made me laugh because I've never really posted a SINGLE outfit picture, and I believe in following because you want to, not because someone follows you and you feel like you have to return the favor.
    Aw, you are so sweet!! Thanks you so much for the kind words, girl :D. And of course, the advertising ;)-it upped my traffic dramatically!
    I haven't been doing the Whiz Kids lately, so I can't really comment on that… and YAY for Hannah! I haven't gotten time to read the whole post, but I did read a bit and see it was her :D. Definitely a great photographer! Good lucky today! (hugs)!

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