free money!!! (seriously)

Okay… I knew THAT one would get your attention. Isn’t it amazing how greedy humans are? Just look at history… ahem.

Not tryin’ to make you feel guilty for clicking on this or reading or anything. I’m just being philosophical. x)

Actually, I’m being partially serious (about the money). I happen to have a $5 Amazon gift code sitting in my back pocket.
Guess what that means?

It’s Whiz Kid time! πŸ™‚

Here’s the plan. Because I have an AP Euro exam (THE exam) this week, I feel like subjecting you to European History. Because I’m nice like that.

The questions are from easiest to hardest. Just like on the AP Exam. Except that you only have 5, whereas I have 80+. Yeah, fun. If you’ve never participated, I encourage you to join in on Whiz Kid! If you need to review the rules for the challenge, they’re at the end of the post. πŸ™‚

1.) The German monk who started the Reformation.
(bonus points – what was the name of the document that he nailed to the church door?)
2.) What was the name of the Enlightenment religion that believed that God simply “set the world in motion and walked away”?
3.) What was the name of the island that Emperor Napoleon was exiled to the first time?
4.) What was the name of the Chancellor who was forced to retire by William II, setting the events that led to World War I in motion?
5.) When Hungary was allowed independent domestic rule from Austria, what were two of the ministry positions that they shared with Austria (keeping them united as Austria-Hungary).
A couple of tips for #5
FYI – this is BEFORE any of the World Wars.
There were more than two ministry positions, but you only have to think of two.

The run-down:
This is not weekly, nor is it a meme. Whiz Kid is a trivia challenge that I'll post at my discretion.
(^^Read: whenever I want to.) ;)
The "rules" are very simple.
1.) There are five questions below, on a certain topic, or in a certain genre of something. You'll post what you think is the right "answer".
2.) The first person with all five "answers" right gets a prize, also explained below.
3.) This is a learning challenge, not a "contest". You MAY look up the answers if you absolutely have to, but please take a moment to read more about the subject. If you walk away from your computer having learned something, that will make me very happy.
4.) Anyone may enter. :)

If you’d rather not work for your free stuff, you should at least go check my giveaway out here.
Have fun… stay cool. Don’t let that last question stress you out too much. πŸ™‚ You have three days from May 1st to answer.

3 thoughts on “free money!!! (seriously)

  1. I'm doing this mostly to see if I know the answers — I'm taking THE exam too! Ack!!

    #1 – Martin Luther. And he nailed his 95 Theses to the Church door.
    #2 – Enlightenment religion = Deism
    #3 – I had to look this up. !! Elba. Can't believe I didn't know that. But then…where was he abdicated the 2nd time??
    #4 – I found this one easier.. It has to be Otto von Bismarck, even though I'm not positive he was a Chancellor. *sigh* Bismarck turned into a power hungry idiot…
    #5 – I had to look this one as well… They shared the monarch, and the two countries were equal in partnership. And they shared foreign ministers. πŸ™‚

    You know what we'll both be doing until Friday. πŸ˜‰

    ~Liz B

    (PS: you don't need to enter me into the contest…I kind of think I'm disqualified, since I'm actually taking the same class you are. haha)

  2. Amanda, I read your questionnaire and tried hard to dig up the facts for all the answers, but I could not get two of them. 60% isn't too awful bad for a guy that has been out of high school for 45 years. I guess I should take a refresher course. Good luck on the exam! :0)

  3. 1. Martin Luther- 95 Theses
    2. I know it's called the 'watchmaker theory', comparing God to a watchmaker, hmmmm. Either deism or a form of positive atheism (though idt it was called that back then), I'm gonna have to go with deism.
    3. The Isle of Elba
    4. ummm, Wilhem I?
    5. Ministries of War, Finance, and Foreign Affairs (thank you WH class! Plus I'm Hungarian, and love learning about it's history)

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