another adventure in photography

Now that I’m taking a photography class for school, I have an excuse to actually go places with the sole purpose in mind of taking pictures.
In other words:
“Hey mom, are you doing anything this afternoon?”
“I’m not sure, why?”
“Umm, well, I have this photography assignment for school…”

Near to where I live, there’s this pretty little beach town that looks like something one of those small town novels. You know, the kind where there’s an ice cream shoppe that kids bike to on summer evenings?

There is an ice cream shoppe, by the way.
Of which I may or may not be guilty of visiting. πŸ™‚

I think I shall have to visit this town more often. It’s a fabulous place to take pictures.

(This post contains both edited and unedited pictures. That’s why some look depressingly dark… hmmm)

Speaking of pictures, I still have some Williamsburg pictures to edit and post. However, consider that it’s 8:30am right now, and I have a long day of school ahead of me, those might be postponed for another couple of days.

Do you have a favorite place to take pictures at?

3 thoughts on “another adventure in photography

  1. Nice photos Amanda! πŸ™‚ Looks like a place I would visit often. Ice cream shop, by the water, pier, yup … sounds like my kind of place!

  2. You sure have the eye for it, great set of photos.

    I love taking photos, do I have a favorite place? no I find I keep moving on, of course George is my main subject and I won't be moving on from him!! you will find over time you look at things in a different away, I like looking for shapes in things.
    If you get time have alook at my blog jans eye view, I'm hoping to get it up todate in the next couple of weeks.

    Happy Blogversary a little bird told me πŸ˜‰
    See Yea George xxx

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