a post for Amanda

 They say that the moments you have in highschool will be the things you think upon fondly the most later in life. Those moments are made with those closest to you. Those moments are made with your friends.

Being homeschooled I’m not in a public school enviroment.  My families main activity is… chruch. So the friends that I have would be made there. But we go to a small church, so I dont’ have an abundance of friends.

I’m sure you’d be shocked to hear that the majoriy of my friends I have never met before… they’re people I’ve met via blog. A few of them I just e-mail, others write letters, some talk on the phone, and I recently had the opportunity to meet one in person.

I’m sure this venture can be dangerous. So I would advice involving your parents before getting penpals.

Amanda is one of these penpals. I love the way she packs my letters. In cute little envelopes, her handwritting is adorable, and her words are always uplifting and make me feel as though she actually cares.

So today, I’ve decided to share some “penpaling tips”:

  • Write often

Don’t just write to your penpal every other month… it’s kind of rude and makes the other person feel as though you don’t really care and aren’t really interested in them.

  • Write in decent length

20 page letters can be overwhelming but five sentences can be frusterating. When your letter is 20 pages, the person can’t really allow everything to sink in, and they get a bit stressed. But when you barely write anything at all, as said before, it can also make the other person feel as if you don’t care about them.

  • Personalize

Add stickers to the ourside, and bobbles to the inside. Whether it’s simply using special stationary and securing the note with ribbon, or adding a couple silly bands, or a handmade paper craft… the more personal, the more special.

Those are just a few tips. I suppose the main thing is…

treat others– write to others the way you’d like to be written to. If you want people to have nice handwritting, or write often, or give you a little something extra. Do that for someone else and they’re most likely to do that for you.

I must say Amanda has mastered penpaling. 🙂 I am very blessed to receive mail from her.

My name is Bleah Briann… and I call ~With Love and Kisses~ my internet home. Thank you so much Amanda for asking me to write for you!


God Bless.

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