exciting news…

Thursday, I got the surprise of my life – or at least the biggest one so far. Instead of inordinate amounts of college spam in the mail, I received one delicately engraved… invitation.

Let me first preface this. I have never, never thought of myself as an excelling student, in terms of academics, even though I have kept good grades through high school. This has quite a lot of back story, but involves me not being a, um, great student throughout much of elementary and middle school.
I won’t bore you, or embarrass myself with further details.
I suppose, however, that is why I never really thought I was great in school, even in my first two years of high school.

Thursday, I received an invitation to the NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars).
*dies with happiness*
An honors society? Yes please.

I’m thrilled to pieces.

I’ve had to finally come to terms with my cat in regards to the looming prospect of college. I think the letter on Thursday was the last straw, for her.
Literally – she sat on it.

Why must my cat be so human? And so convincing?

She burst out bawling…

My apologies for the blurry picture. It’s kind of difficult to change the setting on my camera while dealing with a screaming child.

Yes, she is spoiled – why do you ask?

Going back to the news – it made my day/week/life. Ever had something do that to you? An amazing feeling, is it not?

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