fashionista – Oscars Red Carpet

Oscar time! I’m currently watching the red carpet live on MTV. And the dresses tonight? They more than compensate for the Grammy red carpet. Hurrah! Let’s take a peep at some of my favorites…
Hailee Steinfeld has the best taste. Ever. Love this dress! It’s very, very classy and gorgeous.
Florence Welch actually wore something I loved. Isn’t this cute? The color goes with her hair amazingly well. What do you think?
Okay, a little low, and a little see-through. But Mila Kunis’ dress is so pretty. Especially the color.
Cate Blanchett – always classy. The yellow on the back (you can sorta see it in this photo) is really fun. Altogether, pretty awesome dress.
Chin up Helena, you look awesome! She sort of has that Victorian/Steampunk/Gothic thing going. Only she could pull it off. 
Other loves: Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous. She always does. Nicole Kidman looked awesome too. And Natalie Portman looked amazing, as usual.
Fails: Michelle Williams was sort of ehhh, for me. The white dress she wore really really made her look pale and drawn. She would have done so much better in a darker color – maybe something blue or pink.
What do you think? Did you watch the Oscars? What were your favorite red carpet looks? 
(I can’t wait to hear yours, Leanna.) <<< We’re “betting” on which star we’ll disagree on. Because we’re awesome like that.  

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