this week I have learned

01:: that humor becomes my enemy when people are laughing about me… actually, that’s not a new revelation, it just jumped in my face this week… hate when that happens…

02:: that having to close down your blog is absolute torture. however, I’ve emerged victorious, and even managed to figure out the spammers’ motive. ha – take that, you…you.. stupidpeoplethaticouldthinkuplotsofothernamesfor… ahem. rant over.

03:: that I’m going to be practicing piano a lot more. did I tell you? I got in with the teacher I desperately wanted to. my first lesson was Monday… I can’t believe I forgot to tell you!

04:: in a month, I have an SAT. granted, I knew that several weeks ago, but I’m going to be studying a ton more. so I might be awol. promise you’ll still love me? puleeezeee??

05:: that Valentines Day does have a purpose – you have an excuse to take “mushy” (as my sister calls them) pictures… πŸ™‚ photography is wonderful, is it not?

06:: that I have a terrible problem keeping myself on a schedule. example? I told myself I’d turn off the computer thirty minutes ago.
07:: chocolate is good – don’t you agree?

Good night, my friends! If you have a few seconds to spare, tell me what the benefit of Valentines Day is for you – besides chocolate, of course. We all know that’s a huge benefit to the holiday. πŸ™‚

(p.s. – the winner of the Cows Can’t Jump giveaway is Sara.) 

8 thoughts on “this week I have learned

  1. You're taking the SAT March 12th?? So am I! We should totally do some studying together!
    I'm also taking the ACT on Saturday! AKK!! I've been studying a lot, and am doing a mini "cram" session all tomorrow so that I'll retain information. My mom even got me some rewards. πŸ˜›
    Studying sure is fun…….

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