The Style of Change

(Many many thanks to my amazing friends Liz and Jess for guest posting while I was busy this weekend. Weren’t they awesome?)

“So in the end/ I’ll be what I will be…” ~Gollum’s Song – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Change is, I believe an essential part of human nature. We can’t grow if we don’t change. We can’t be better if we don’t change in some way. It’s the basis of the human condition of imperfection – we have to change in order to become better people.

Now that I repeated myself a million times, let’s talk some more about change.

In a few weeks, Farmgirl Writes will be getting a facelift. It seems like I just installed this design, but it was only for the holiday season (hence the colors).
Farmgirl Writes will also be slightly changing direction. Not totally – actually, it’ll be so slight that you might not even notice. This change reflects what is happening in my life at the moment. My activities on the farm no longer are taking as much priority in my life, although they definitely exist.

I’m a junior – next fall, I’ll start my last year of high school. I’ll be a senior. That, in and of itself is kind of crazy. I’m already starting the oh-so-fun college hunting. In a few days/weeks, I’ll get my learners permit and start Drivers Ed. Like any teenage girl might, I adore the typical things – clothes, music, movies, and hanging with friends.

I’m starting to realize that life is doing what you are most passionate about, within the will of Christ. I often get caught up with what others are doing – whatever is “cool”. But whenever I do what’s “cool”, I find that the stress of wondering what I look like in others’ eyes is more trouble than the benefits I reap. So, my friends, instead of being cool, I’m just going to be me. 

I’m going to blog about whatever I want (within reason). I’m going to take the time to actually have fun blogging. I’m going to make my blog something that I’d want to read. 

You may or may not notice an immediate difference, however, just know that I’ll be having lots more fun on this end of the screen.

And I suppose that’s all for now. Don’t forget, my CSN giveaway ends on Friday! Check out the right sidebar to enter!

7 thoughts on “The Style of Change

  1. Wonderful post, Amanda!! You are so right. I've been losing a few blog followers recently, so this was a great reminder for me. I'm having fun with blogging, and if other people don't don't care for my blog, that's totally fine! Thanks for this. : )

    ~ Love,

  2. And that is the most important part: that you have fun as a blogger too! I loved the part where you said 'just know that I'll be having lots more fun on this end of the screen.' Awesome photos! I'll be looking forward to your new design and changes! πŸ™‚

  3. Aww. Thanks πŸ™‚

    And I totally agree — you should blog about what YOU would like to read. I've seen my blog change a few directions since I started it too. But it's about finding your voice — and it's good that this forum is helping you do that. πŸ™‚

  4. You continue to be one amazing young lady. It's not easy to push back peer pressure, but you seem to have it in hand. i look forward to your "fun" blogs.

  5. Kudos to you. You really have a good head on your shoulders and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I welcome the new, extra 'fun' posts.

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