Life Is Sweet

Life Is Sweet01. realizing that you’re actually done with school for the day… and that tomorrow’s Friday…
02. being able to catch up on blogs that you haven’t read in an eternity…
03. acing an assignment in photography class…
04. finding out exactly what you want to do with your blog…
05. being able to review the cutest book in the entire planet (coming soon)
06. writing possibly the funniest and most awesome editorial you’ve ever written…
07. reading the most amazing books in the world…
08. hanging out with your best friend… 
09. laughing so hard that you literally fall off your chair… (partially from laughing, partially from being clumsy)  
10. loving others – it’s a wonderful feeling….

{linking up with Carlotta}
Have a lovely, lovely weekend my dears. It’s possible I won’t be posting until the beginning of next week. I’m also going to be putting up a new design sometime soon, since this was only a holiday design. 

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