Blogger’s New Mobile Feature and Why You Should Use It

A few days ago, Blogger debuted a new beta feature. If you can’t find it on your regular blogger settings, log into your account using Go to your settings panel, and click “Email & Mobile”. You should see a section at the top titled “Mobile Template (beta)”.

Why you should use this feature: a Mobile Template is what shows up when a reader views your blog via their mobile phone or other small handheld device. The regular web version of your template takes a lot longer to load on a mobile. This template cuts the loading time, and permits the reader to navigate your blog, without having to scroll to the right/left to find the buttons. Given the amount of people who use iPhones to view websites, having this template on is extremely advisable, in my honest opinion.

The cons: it does not show your sidebar, or your pages. Take a look at the link below. This is the mobile version of my personal blog, Farmgirl Writes.
However, there is an option to load the web version of your template.

Overall, this new feature is one I highly recommend. If you have any questions, just let me know!

(Coming up next – portfolio post, and a tutorial on image-mapping…)

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