The Epic Saga of Peter and Opal

Note: if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, read this post first.

You may be wondering what’s become of my cat, since she was banished to my little sister’s room (because of my now-indoors rabbit).

She’s back in. 
Yes, you heard me right. 
She’s now living in my room again.
Why? She decided that she was fed up with living in my sister’s room. After chewing apart toys, she *cough* messed up the entire room. That was the last straw. My mom and sister immediately moved her back into my room. With my rabbit. 
Peter’s not so sure about it either. But we haven’t had any issues yet.
Our original plan was to have a carrier where Opal could stay when I was out of the room. 
This is why our plan failed. 
The little brat slips out of the carrier through the broken side. Last night, she was yowling in the carrier (as usual), and keeping me awake. She stopped making noise, and I fell back to sleep. 
I woke up a little while later to find her purring besides me. 

So far, Opal hasn’t gone into Peter’s corner of the room, and I’m hoping it remains that way. She’s much happier sleeping on my bed, and making me pay attention to her.
Question: Have any of you heard of cats and rabbits living together, in peace? Is is possible? *crosses fingers*

7 thoughts on “The Epic Saga of Peter and Opal

  1. Peter Rabbit – how cute! You have to call me soon, we haven't talked for so long! I can't wait to get my blog as cool as yours. I love the awesome comment boxes and everything you have here. It's really impressive!

    Opal is adorable as well. Abby's going to be coming back soon so I'll have her AND Patches. Yeah, we couldn't find him a home so he's going to stay with us. He's so rotten, haha.

    Talk soon!!

  2. Our cat is scared of our rabbit. Of course, our rabbit is a little mean…to cats, humans, dogs, and occasionally chickens. I don't know why we keep her, except my sis loves her. Anyway, if the cat gets to close, the bunny will actually growl and attempt to scratch her up…so the cat avoids the bunny. (-: I don't know if that's quite living in peace….? (-;

  3. She might well except Peter is a member of the family, so will be ok if he is in his cage, but I think instinct would take over if Peter was running around in the room!!

  4. I've heard of cases like this. When we went on vacation, my bunny went to stay at a kennel. She would kept in the office, away from the dogs. In the office there was a kitten, and my rabbit and the kitten got on splendidly. They would sleep next to each other, and play with each other. It depends on the animals, though. You could try a supervised meeting of the 2 animals…

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