Me + Corn Maze + Dark = Fail

I’m sure that there are intellectual human beings among us all that bother to carry maps, and analyze them when they go into corn mazes.


But I’m not one of them.

Last night, my friend J and I went with her homeschool group to an enormous, ever-expanding when you’re inside, corn maze. Actually, I’m just kidding about the “ever expanding when you’re inside” part, but it certainly seemed like it did.

All that aside – we decided to depart from the rest of the group to purposely get lost in the corn maze.
I quote:
“You can’t go in a corn maze without getting lost! Let’s go get lost for a little while, then find our way out.” 
I’m not telling you which one of us said that, but if you want a hint… well…

We ended up doing the first part of the statement – getting lost. We got so lost that we couldn’t find our way out for two hours.
Oh, and did I tell you that we did this in the dark? With a flashlight that didn’t want to work? And no map? In a 10 acre corn maze?

To end my very happy story, we finally broke the rules, ducked under the tape and ran through the corn – finally ending up outside of the maze. And then ran up to the barn where everyone else from the group was waiting/looking for us.

Did I tell you that we’re awesome like that?
(not my photos)
Have you gotten lost inside a corn maze before? Tell me about it – I’d love to hear!

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