Premade Download Alert – Spring Rainbows Header

A freebie? Yep, you betcha! I hope to start incorporating these into CS Designs a little more. 

I realize that this is a spring themed header, but I had an awesome kit from Designs By Doodelle sitting around that I couldn’t leave alone. Hence, this creation. 
{for a closer look, click on the image – the small size doesn’t do it justice}
Like this? Here’s the nitty gritty. You’re welcome to use this header, as long as you promise not to erase the CS Designs logo in the corner, or the attributes hidden in the center (in the very very small font…). Legally, the attributes allow me to give you this image, because I’m crediting the maker of the digital scrapbooking kit. The logo gives me credit for the design. 
Below is the blank header. If you want me to use the same font as above, except with your blog name, shoot me an email at and I’ll send it to you. 
To install this, right-click and hit “save image”. Then, log into Blogger, go to “Design”, then “Page Elements”. Hit the edit link on the header gadget up top, and hit “upload from file”. Find the header on your computer, then make sure and hit “instead of title and description”. You can also shrink the header to fit your site – whatever works for you. πŸ˜‰
Enjoy, my friends!

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