Farm on a Spring Evening


Last night. It was the most picturesque definition of spring on the farm. There was a soft breeze, and warmth lingered for a short while well the sun set. I took the baskets and sought out eggs that our very free-range chickens had deposited in the old tobacco stripping rooms and elsewhere. The grown pigs chased the stray chickens that had wandered into their pen. The seventeen baby pigs slept in a pile, snoring. The horses gorged themselves on springtime grass, and ten lambs frolicked around their pasture.

There are times when you don’t need a camera to document something, because the subject is impossible to capture on a visual still. The air, the sounds, and the feeling of last night was impossible to capture on camera because it can only be truly experienced in person. And yet, I attempt to tell you about it in writing.

Words are amazing.

Shooting in RAW – Conclusion

Helloooo, everyone. Thanks for your awesome feedback on my last post – I’m thrilled that my words were able to help some of you in at least some way. It’s always amazing to know you’re not alone in your thoughts and feelings.

I mentioned on Monday that I went out and shot in RAW file type for the first time. I’m pretty devoted to JPG, so it was interesting seeing the difference between the two. I’d like to give a quick run-through of what I like and dislike.


– I love the purity of the light. On that same note, I dislike how the intense capture of the light takes away from some photos. I’m pretty sure I need to learn more about white balance.

– The lack of sharpness in RAW photos bother me. As a few of you know, I have a strict standard for my photos in regards to their clarity and focus. I’m pretty sure I could count on one hand the photos I’ve posted that were out of focus… I’m obsessed.

– The noise in RAW photos bothers me a little bit. However, Lightroom has a great noise reduction feature. Still, I prefer minimal editing, and although RAW photos allow for greater editing freedom, I really would rather spend more time behind the camera, not the computer.

Conclusion: I’m probably going to go back to JPG. Yes, I am an old stick-in-the-mud, thank you very much. 

Below are some of the photos from shooting in RAW.


green (spinach)

Saturday morning


It’s definitely December here. The world was frosty outside this morning, and the ground was bare. Part of my goal in going out this morning was to capture that cold beauty. The other part of my goal was to do the chores that I’d been assigned.
A quick note – my sweet sister is having a photo contest on her blog, so if you like photographing horses, you might want to click over. 😉 Plus, there are some cute horse prizes.
How have you been, friends?

These little piggies

farmgirl-0117.jpg farmgirl-0134.jpgfarmgirl-0139.jpgfarmgirl-0140.jpgfarmgirl-0143.jpg

If you think pigs are disgusting, you probably haven’t see little pigs yet. They’re just old enough to fend for themselves, and ferociously cute. They haven’t learned the art of removing the pins in the fence in order to escape… yet. When they’re a bit bigger, they’ll be moved out to a bigger pasture. But till then? They’re perfectly content to snuggle up inside of a gigantic haybale and fall asleep.
I never thought I’d like pigs. But… you never know, do you?